Just Knock That Blood Off. You Can Still Wear It.

Vaginal knitting. It’s the latest rage in performance art, and self-titled craftivist (uh, I’m assuming here that’s craft-er and activist smashed together to make one lame name) Casey Jenkins won’t let her monthly bleeding season stop her show. Yes, this woman is knitting articles of clothing from yarn stuffed in her cooch, and she is even going so far as to do it as a marathon act to prove her point. She’ll be going 28 days pulling the ole ball of yarn from her box for a show in Darwin, Australia. Something about addressing taboos towards female genitalia. Girl, no! Don’t nobody want THAT after it’s been up THERE, AND after you pissed on it, bled on it, and all your other juices have soaked through it.

“Unsurprisingly, the idea of vaginal performance has left more than a few people with their mouths agape. Jenkins has described the piece as (let out sarcastic gasp here) “arousing” and promises to work non-stop during the days she’s knitting, come hell or high water… or menstruation.”

Some people just go too far. Check the rest of the article on HuffPost.

I’m done. fury

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