1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Hold On To It



Warning:  This tip requires pacing and a strong desire to please and take care of your partner. Do not use on a casual lover. If she’s extremely sensitive, hold the clit in your mouth, about halfway down the shaft. Don’t let it slip from your lips. Suck it, just a little bit, and let your tongue slightly stroke it, toggling circles, big and small, at the same. Mix it up as you wish, then suckle again, just a little bit harder, harder, and harder until you have the entire button in your mouth down to the base. Suck it like you’re sucking on a delicious blow pop you’re trying to get all the flavor from. Firmly caress her arms so that she is able to relax, then watch her calm down to the point that she’s throwing her pussy in your mouth. 

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