Snot And Sex. Stop, Or Keep Going? Eew?

It’s hayfever season. You’re sneezing every 2 seconds. Sometimes there’s dripping. Sometimes there are green chunks. All in all, your nose is a nasty tunnel of mucus, but your pussy is hot and the only thing to make you feel better is to cum. You go to your man. He says, “I’ll give you some”.  You lie on your back on the bed. He climbs on top. The stroke is making your orgasm climb, then all of a sudden…






You sneeze and a giant green booger shoots out of your mouth (yes, mouth!) into his open mouth, with accompanying yellow and white germ missiles. Should he stop, or he hasn’t finished his job yet? You have yet to cum?

It’s moments like these when you realize what kind of freaky deak you are sleeping with. Mr. Drama screamed, “Hell Yes! Keep going. Remember that time you blew brown chunks out the other end and you couldn’t go on after you cleaned up? I wanted to.”



Just no. Boogeys in my mouth, and shit anywhere on my body, I’m stopping. Shit just got out hand.

As for the nasty bastard I have sex with, if the dick wasn’t so good and the stroke so deadly…

Funny, I have no problem doing this though.






Hold on. I gotta go cum.

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