3 Ways To Swerve Your Girl Throwing You The Pussy… And You’re A Girl.

When I say I am a sex goddess, I don’t just mean with the men. Women lust hard for this pussy too. What is it, the smell of my hair? The thickness in my lips? My pretty tits?

Sometimes it’s good to get some pussy thrown at you, other times you just want a tired bitch to sit her ass down on a boulder of ice and let her pussy glacial-ize.

I’ve swerved some of the biggest female beasts I didn’t want to touch me, and I’ve also dodged having to see my friends naked when they thought it was time to take things to the next level.  One particular friend, and one night after visiting a spot with dangling sex toys on a wall, a cash register inside, and a huge sign out front, gives me flashbacks all the time.

Why, ma’am, as we soon as we arrived back at your place, you had to get undressed and changed into a skimpy ass bathrobe before you invited me back to your bedroom to “talk”?


When I’m in one these “nasty for all the wrong reasons” situations, here’s what I do:

  1. Blame it on the kids. If you’re a parent, you know the advantages of having your kids to save you. Tell her the kids are sleepy. Suddenly the kids have an elaborate bedtime routine that involves singing, dancing, three reenacted stories, and fresh baked cookesfrom scratch! After three hours, she will be too annoyed to push. *If you don’t have kids, or none are available, lay it on your needy ass man. If you don’t have one, blame it on your mama. Just use anyone’s neediness as your rescue.
  2. Tell her, she’s too much like a sister for you to part her pussy lips with your tongue. This doesn’t have to be lying if you do care for her that way, but if you have to “Stretch Armstrong” some truths, DO IT. I won’t be mad. Keep it cute and light. You don’t want to make her cry. If you do, then she can take your tactic to make into a pretzel so that you will give in. Nope!
  3. Remind her of your crotch rot! Again, just make up shit. If she wants to rock pussies with you after that, lose her number and never look back. People say kissing is the most intimate act. I say eating pussy is. I am not saying everyone turns down sick twat, but if they won’t, you don’t need them in your life. If they will knowingly eat a cottage cheese dripping pussy, that nasty bastard will do anything.

It may be easier to have your first pussy fest with a friend, and it may be convenient to fuck them regularly, but not all friends are good enough to look at after you’ve munched. The truth is always better, but sometimes you just don’t feel like telling it.

Trust! I know. The truth has lead to too many hours and days long conversations/interrogations that I don’t have the attention span, nor temperament to endure.

When not interested…


but if the circumstances are totally different, and you actually want that P, feel free to bathe her.


Inspired By The Music #1 (Cum Episodes)

Upon his last stroke on top of me, he looked into my eyes and said, “girl..  you got a firm grip”. 

He bit his bottom lip, and there was his blast, deep, deep, in the slick. 

–Inspired by Eric Roberson “Couldn’t Hear Me Over The Music (Live)”

No picture needed. 

Welcome to this new series, for my fans.

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His Hard Cock: There’s Nothing Better In The Morning

Opening my eyes to let a crack of the low morning sun burn at the back of them, as I’m lying on my side, I rub my thighs together and throw one of my legs over his. Instincts always kick in when I find myself waking up next to him. My fingerprints graze the thatch of wiry hairs pressed against his belly. The tip of my middle finger, I use it to sneak to the edge of the valley of his belly button.

His breathing becomes audible just once. I know he’s awakening too.

As I touch him faster along the invisible line made by the creek of water that washes over him every time he bathes, his legs stir under mine. I think about wetting my fingertips with my spit, but my trip down to where I so hungrily rush to touch isn’t long enough to break the trance of pleasure I know I’m seducing him into.

The head is coming up in a few millimeters.

My fingers finally touch down. Over the open seam I make my fingers as soft as gentle cotton using my mind’s morphing power I know I must truly have, because he sighs a sleepy, sexy groan.

As I tiptoe my fingers down the hill of the back of his cock, I know it’s smooth, moist traveling then on. He’s getting wet already and I have yet to apply my soft, thick, inner mouth’s lips on him.

I open for a kiss, then a trembling lick.

Oh, how I love his hard cock in the morning.

Reader Email: We Did A Threesome Now He’s Falling For Her

The Eroticist’s Advice

We’re back on for answering reader questions. Here’s the latest:

Dear Eroticist,

I took a friend with me to go and see a girl that is what we describe as a “pass around”.  This girl sleeps with multiple guys at one time. It’s nothing special for about 4 men to show up at her house and she’ll let them all in and let them all fuck her. I took a friend with me. He’s kind of square. I told him he should come with me and see what it’s like. He decided to come. We all fuck her. Everyone’s regrouping and everything before we leave later that night. Why did I hear this fool telling the girl, “you don’t have to do this. You need a man who will settle you down.”

I couldn’t believe it. I walked in. She’s looking at him like, “man, please”. I had to get him out of there he was, making himself look like a simp. Everybody who goes over there knows what she’s like. She knows what she is. Why do some men have to fall for the hoe?

-Signed, They Fall In Love With These Hoes


Hoes be winning. Since the mid 00’s it’s been hoe season. They get the trips, the house, the ring.  You see them on the cover of magazines.

Don’t hate your friend, “Fall In Love”. There’s a legion of men who throw on their capes to save women who don’t want to be saved.


Unlike the women in the media who had a hoe come up, your group jump off either is grounded in reality or doesn’t know what all she can gain from becoming the wife of a savior type man. I appreciate her, I’ll tell you what. Y’all will say a woman that fucks multiple men at the same time has no self-worth. I don’t know about that in all cases.  I don’t really feel like trying to break down this girl’s mind, but as I look at it at this moment, our reader’s local hoe is strong minded.

I have to respect women who have their own mind. For whatever you want or require, you have to a resilient mind to get it. This ain’t the lotto. We have to go for what we want to have pleasure.

Advice Breakdown

“Fall In Love”, your friend isn’t used to this type of woman. You probably aren’t either, but you’ve managed to ignore any sagging bridges that lead into the depths of her mind.  I commend you too. Get in and get that bang. If that’s the arrangements, that’s how it has to be.


I strongly suggest you don’t invite any more men to your sex parties with Girl Hoe. If you do, there’s prospect she won’t have you back.

And yea, I’m going to say it. Dump your friend. No one needs simps like him in their lives.

I will never understand people who can’t understand fuck arrangements.

If you’re going to cry and shit with the R&B playing after the nut and all she asked you to do was break her back and keep it moving, you might as well keep your ass at home and masturbate to the internet. You’re one of those people we can’t take anywhere.

Just damn!


This concludes this round of advice from The Eroticist and Mr. Drama. Any email we haven’t answered here on the blog will be responded to privately and not posted. Look for more of The Eroticist’s Advice published her later 2014 or early 2015.

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1,000 Tips For Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Sweet Tip Between Your Tits

Wet his dick with fruit flavored lube. Next, generously put cream, honey, or more of the fruity lube on the tip. Lie on your back. Let those tits fall loose. Tell him to mount your torso. He’ll instinctively see where things are going then scoot up to your chest.

Squeeze your breasts around his cock. Lick and suck the head every time it gets to your lips.

Demand he not cum until you’ve licked and sucked his dick clean between your tits, from head to base as he grinds back and forth.

Moan. Mmmhmmm. Mooooan.

Close your eyes now. Cum stings.


Interviews With A Princess: Nah’ Sun

Princess: Nah’Sun? Nah’Sun. Nahhhh son. No one does it better than a man who knows his women and knows how to use his body to make them buckle at the knees. As skilled as you are, we want to know why are you good enough at lovemaking to put the sounds and touches to paper?

Nah‘ Sun: This girl in college gave up her virginity to me after she read a few of my poems.  I figured if my writing was good enough for a chick to give me some pussy, I might be on to something.

Princess: You wrote a book called Thick When the Chances are Slim where a skinny girl wants to be thick, not the other way around like we usually read about. Why write an erotic book with such an intense message which flips the norm on its ear while still keeping it sensual and erotic, and satirical?



Nah‘ Sun: A lot of skinny girls wanna put on size. I just brought it to light. Satire is my trademark writing style. I like to stand out with comedy and irony that might go over a lot of readers’ heads unless they get it on the first try.

I’m a sensual guy, and it’s only natural that my eroticism reflects what I do behind closed doors. Other times my sex scenes come from pure imagination.

Princess: Exotic dancing you say? Is that before or after the book signing?

Nah‘ Sun: That’s after the signing. My mind is too much on making a sale when I’m selling out books. Anything after a signing is fair ball.


Pun intended.

Princess: Ha!

Nah‘ Sun: I’ll take a young lady I meet from a signing back to my house and relax with her for a while if I dig her vibe. I don’t like to rush. I wanna see where her head is at and know how to seduce her to make her cum fast and hard.

And once I know what type of woman I’m dealing with, I’ll take off her panties with my mouth, kiss her whole body and then fuck the shit outta her. Simple as that.

Princess: If a woman were to read one of your books, what would she most likely HAVE to do afterward?

Nah‘ Sun: She’ll have to inbox or email me to see if my dick game is as good as the scenes she just read.

That’s if I find her worthy enough to experience the earthquake and aftershocks that come from facing me.

Princess: It’s bigger than writing sex scenes. Why so for you?

Nah‘ Sun: I like to make homemade sex tapes and try new sex positions. I have a vivid imagination when it comes to bedroom sports. The same 3 positions get boring after awhile. Some of the weird positions I pen in my books come from experience.

The erotic scenes are made to enhance someone’s sex life. A lot of guys should send me a “Thank you” card. Real talk.

Princess: A hard dick is good to find, but I need to know that a man has a dynamic mind. If true for you, tell the readers what else you are skilled to write.

Nah‘ Sun: Science Fiction is my first passion. I’m gonna write a few joints once I’m done with the Thick series. I like to write different things to challenge my pen game and keep the readers guessing.

Princess: When Nah’ Sun posts dick pics on social media…

Na‘ Sun:they wonder if I do erotic film.

I want a woman to fantasize about fuckin‘ me so I can explore the spots she never knew existed.

Touching a woman all over her body to find a weakness turns me on more than anything. I’m a sex slave, baby. I wanna be a slave to making a chick squirt and orgasm over and over and over again.


Princess: Now that our panties are wet, we’re going to wrap this in a few. I know some are going to have to go clean up. Before I let you off the hook, tell me what you have planned for us next and where we can get all of your books, locally and globally.

Nah‘ Sun: Thick 3 aka In the Thick of Things is the 3rd book in the series, and it’s droppin‘ in August. August 21st to be exact. I can’t wait because I’m excited to see the responses I get about the novel. It’s my most well-rounded story so far.


No pun intended.

Thick 3 shows the growth and development of a writer once you match my past work with it.

St. Louis is my next destination for the OOSA Book Club pajama jam in October. Check out the calendar on my website @ www.nahsunblaze.com for more details.


Keep them wet, Nah‘ Sun and I will be checking for that new release!

If you write smut, send me your info to princess at la drama princess dot com, and I’ll create an interview for you and you’ll send it back with your answers.

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