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When I Look At Dirty Pics: 28 Seconds Until You Cum


Warmth… Saccharine on my tongue. Don’t move. I can feel it’s getting good, you’re about to cum.

Hold it. A thousand licks wrapped up in one. Butterfly wings I’ll make my tongue flick up and down. 24, 25, 26… I am going to make you cum.

Squirm. Shimmy. Wiggle. Twist, but I won’t move. Concentration so deep. 27, 28…


I can feel you cum.

2014. All words owned by La Drama Princess/Shanna Hughey and all other names you know her by. Read the full copyright disclosure at the bottom of the main blog page.

Inspired By The Pictures #1 Oh! Wax Me, Baby!

My hands grip my slick knees.

With your heavy palm you push my back into a hump down lower to the floor.

I press my toes into the rug.

The hot wax runs down the crease from the top of my lower spine deep into the crack…

All the way into the tight, curvy crease of my wet, sweet, thick, puddling, creamy, snatch…

And when it touches the tip, my clit is pricked enough by the hot wax, my clit so glazed too, my hips automatically sway from left to right.

Do it again.

Make me cum.

All words on this blog are owned by La Drama Princess unless otherwise quoted and credited. Thank you. Be original. Respect my work and use your own brain. It can be invigorating. Full copyright and crediting notices listed in the bottom bar of this blog. 

Inspired By The Music #1 (Cum Episodes)

Upon his last stroke on top of me, he looked into my eyes and said, “girl..  you got a firm grip”. 

He bit his bottom lip, and there was his blast, deep, deep, in the slick. 

–Inspired by Eric Roberson “Couldn’t Hear Me Over The Music (Live)”

No picture needed. 

Welcome to this new series, for my fans.

Copyright notices below on the blog. 8-21-2014

1,000 Tips For Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Sweet Tip Between Your Tits

Wet his dick with fruit flavored lube. Next, generously put cream, honey, or more of the fruity lube on the tip. Lie on your back. Let those tits fall loose. Tell him to mount your torso. He’ll instinctively see where things are going then scoot up to your chest.

Squeeze your breasts around his cock. Lick and suck the head every time it gets to your lips.

Demand he not cum until you’ve licked and sucked his dick clean between your tits, from head to base as he grinds back and forth.

Moan. Mmmhmmm. Mooooan.

Close your eyes now. Cum stings.