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Women, If You Don’t Multi-Orgasm, You’re Inadequate

Twenty orgasms during one round with my partner is what we’ve always counted to before we gave up, yet there are women out here still only having one. Is there something wrong with you? Or me?

In my honest opinion, I don’t think there is wrong with either of us. I assume that every woman is multi-orgasmic when I do think of other women’s experiences. I think about it only how I am. Does that make me closed-minded? I don’t think so, but I just never thought that many women didn’t have more than one, at least two.

It had to be over a decade ago when I read a woman can be taught, trained, or learn how to have more than one. The one thing about me though is that I have orgasms doing other things besides actual sexual stimulation. When a reader wrote in about feeling the sensation of orgasm while peeing, I truly identified. When I take a plane ride, the ascension makes me tingly and wet. When I ride the big whirly rides at the state fair, I get great feeling down there. No shit I am wired a little differently overall. I have a few neurological oddities. Maybe that is what is the deal with me and my pussy.


I hear people talk about quality is better than quantity when it comes to multiple gushes. Hmmm, no. Not for me. My quality matches my quantity. I truly feel like I am dying during sex. I go to the edge of life just that often. But that shit feels gooooooooooood.

When a woman tells you that she only has one orgasm during lovemaking, do you feel that she is not trying hard enough? Is it that you feel she isn’t good in bed if she can’t cum more than once? Is this the female equivalent to the male penis size argument. Does 10 orgasms matter?


Am I truly a circus freak for having at least 20?

But isn’t it powerful, that feeling that what you’re doing to someone can make them react to the point that the involuntarily lose control of their body in such a nasty, but sweet way? It is. Men have said they like the multi-orgasmic women because they like that control. It’s a “bang on your chest” moment, I must say, and all I have is a detachable dick.


I don’t think I’ve always been multi-orgasmic. I will say in my early 20’s, maybe 19, I got to that point. I really do enjoy sex. Women who aren’t like me with all my O’s dont? I think that is a harsh judgement. I can’t remember what their lives are like honestly. I know I have always enjoyed my pussy. It feels good to have this one I have. That’s all I can really say about this situation.

Let the one orgasm having women be great. Most men can’t have but one either, and don’t even know they could be having more. So any men out there with a frown,  sit the fuck down complaining.


Reader Email: How Can I Get Him Hard Again?

The Eroticist’s Advice 

Mrs. Princess I love the blog. It’s hot! Can I ask a question for the advice part?

After a man cums how long do you suck his dick to make him hard so you fuck him again? Do you have any techniques to speed up the process?

-Signed, Sucking Him Up For Round Two

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope I’m helping you get your weekly fix. I do have an answer for your question.

Every man is different. I don’t know yours, so all I can do is give you generalities.

Some men are quicker to gain an erection after cumming than others, and there’s a few factors that go into that. First, you must look at the age of your man. The younger he is, the sooner it can happen. If he’s older, he isn’t hopeless, but the timeframe between ejaculation and sequel erection will be longer than 15-30 minutes as opposed to how it would be with a younger man. Men reach their sexual peak at about 19 years old (boy how do I miss getting my back blown out by some tenders when was I was 18–mmph! scrumptious).  At that age all men are more likely to cum then get hard again faster than you can blink, but cumming isn’t the same as having an orgasming.

Think of cumming more as the organic result of the act of sex. If you need more clarification of what I’m talking about, check out this post on multi-orgasmic men I wrote not long ago. He could be experiencing much more without releasing any ejaculate. This is something that is ageless too, and it’s possible for any man to experience.

But how does one get their man hard again if they don’t want to wait for nature to take an unassisted course?

My Advice:

Hit his zones.


The picture above  shows the erogenous zones of both the male and female anatomies. Everything in deep red is a spot to access to get your partner turned on. My personal favorites are the neck (side-right), and the V of his crotch. The inner thigh is a good one too. The V is my first go to when I need him erect again quickly.

Graze it with the side of your face, your lips. Blow on it softly. Lick it. Be the turtle to win this race.

Keep your eyes on his dick. Watch it slowly rise. Cup his balls. Suck the tip, then slip all the way down. The dick should be ready for riding in minutes.

That shit should have him begging you to give up your secrets so that he can know how to evade your powers when he just doesn’t want to be reigned over. But will he put up a fight?  He will be sliding into you before he can say “pound me”.





Any more questions? Yea, I thought so.

Now give a round of applause to two of our favorite amateur stars,  Roc & Shay. Google and get into them.

If you have a sexual thing going on you could use some advice about,  write to TheEroticistsAdvice at g mail dot com (make it look like a real email address before sending), and your question will be answered on this blog on Tuesday. Identities are kept anonymous. 

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Yes, He Is Multi-Orgasmic: The Complexities Of Male Sexuality

Women have been chastising men for just sticking their dicks in any and every orifice they could find for years, saying things like, “that’s all they need to get a nut”. I am here to tell you that isn’t necessarily true. Men can be a bit more complex than that sexually. Men can be multi-orgasmic, but it’s what’s in their minds that makes it easier for them to do it.


I have experienced mutliograsmic men–two of them in a row, maybe more I have had more. I just know of two from watching their experiences with me, and listening to them describe how the sexual experiences was for them with me and what made it happen for them. It’s kind of expected now. So expected, I wrote the male characters who sleep with the lead female in my upcoming book as multi-orgasmic. Some will find it unbelievable, but it is not.

The younger character has the most orgasms, and ejaculations, than any other male in the book. I didn’t consciously write the storyline that way simply because he is the youngest. It’s just what made sense to me knowing how into this woman this character was. Wanting her for years, he finally got the chance. After their first sexual experience he always had multiple orgasms, when he was with her and when he was not.


For a man to have more than one orgasm with their partner per session, there must be an intense emotional connection between the two for it to happen.  As I wrote it, this young man in the book is not only excited and finally gratified to experience copulation with her, but he does have deep feelings for her as a woman. He admires her. He treasures her.

Yes, training, one facet of it such as edging, CAN help a man to learn to train his body to orgasm more than once during an encounter, or make the orgasm more intense. Kegels can also be used as part of training to control his orgasm for multiplicity. The guys I have personal experience with, they didn’t masturbate or do any special techniques. It was all in their heads.

“I’ve already had sex with you many times in my mind before I even laid down with you.”–the words of Mr. A to me.

Truthfully, I am offended when I hear women say that men are just fine with sticking their dicks in a hole and going to town for a few minutes, that he can cum from a few gyrations on top of a person and feel just as satisfied as I do, that there is nothing to worry about when pleasing a man sexually. When people say that, they negate all possible intimacy man can have, especially when both partners are expected to have a deepness for each other.


After an orgasm, one’s brain releases “happy endorphins“. These chemicals in the brain tell us what we just did was great, the best ever, “you should do it again”. So when a man has more than orgasm per session, more and more of these endorphins are released. Not only can the acts of his multiple orgasms be the result of his intensity for you as a whole, each response can also deepen his feelings for you each and every time he does have two or three more orgasms while he’s in you.

In my humble opinion, it is worth it to learn about the sexual complexities of a man. You are missing out on so much, much more than just having someone jumping up and down in you, much more important than an attitude of men and their sexuality as throw away afterthoughts upon your pleasure. When you take the time to consider his sexuality as a myriad of emotions, you could end up having sexual experiences with your male partner that leave you more pleased because he has at his best ultimately spiritually.


It’s all in our heads, what we deem great sex to be. It’s never just about the friction, and I never write that simply. Catch up. We are on some next level shit.

Fake Bitches Have Fake Orgasms

What does a fake orgasm provide in saving the world? When you fake a good cum, you hurt you, you hurt him, you hurt me. The love you think you’re saving would have been better served if you’d of just kept it real.

Let your limbs go limp.



Open your mouth.

Think about pleasantness.

Visual the porn you’re making.

Squeeze your pussy.

Relax your pussy.



Most of it is just letting your body go. You don’t need good dick to have a good orgasm. Your orgasm is all about you. Girl, I could show you how to cum just by him grazing it.

The energy you spent on faking, you could have been clearing your head and glazing some dick at the same time if you’d just let yourself.

Give yourself a massage and get it to the edge before he comes to you. Start the process. Help yourself. This isn’t about him. It’s about you; it’s about us.

When you fake orgasms, you hurt all women. You make these men and women think they’re in control of how good your body feels.

Relax, girl and just push it all ooouuuuttttttJada



My Boyfriend, The Super Freak, Makes Me Fuck Other Dicks. A Sex Toy Review.

My favorite thing about multiple partner sex is the ultimate, sweet agony of having one dick retreat from my pussy and another run up in it really fast. No two dicks are the same. I should know. I’ve had several. No two men are the same. You should expect their dicks to be extremely dissimilar, although they are dicks the same.

If you’ve fucked 4 different men in a week’s time, your mind will remember the feeling of them all, but as each minute passes, the exact friction you received from them will slowly fade from your memory. You need that newness, that immediacy of a new dick to truly get as much out of having multiple fucks in a short span of time as you’d hope for.

When you have a man, receiving many dicks can’t be good, unless you’re crafty.

I know my man and I aren’t the only ones who use toys in the bedroom. No way. Everyone does that now, don’t they? Do you guys line them up beforehand and decide what you want to use? We do. I keep all of my toys in a box under the bed. One day/morning, he got under the bed and found something he hadn’t used before, and I guess hadn’t seen. He pulled out the….


It wasn’t the first time that he’d penetrated me twice at the same time, the dp. The morning he pulled this out from under the bed, it was the second time. The first experience he had with me in a dp was my first time overall. He used his fingers in my asshole and his dick in my pussy then. I didn’t know what to think when he got this toy out.

Yes, it was my toy. So you want to know why I had it if I’d never been double penetrated with it, right? Yes, I bought it to use on someone else. That’s a blog post for another day. I’ll tell you if I get enough comments and “likes” for it.


As I was saying, my man is a super freak. To me a super freak is a person who doesn’t hold back in the bedroom. You can expect them to do the most within their limits. Would I say he’s freakier than me? Yes! He wasn’t going to use this and not put it in both my pussy and ass, at the same damn time.

I was already soaking wet, as he is so skilled at getting me. Lube wasn’t an issue, but he licked my pussy again just to be sure.

In my pussy he inserted it first, the end with the nubs. Wheeewwww!!!! My shit opened up. Mind you, I was super wet, so the stretching didn’t hurt, but I was very full. He got me cummng using that end and starting working on the back.

I wanted to hold my breath, but he hates that. He gave me the look. He coached me into taking it. He pushed it in. I felt myself opening up slowly back there. He was patient, still fucking the front with the nubby end of the dong. He slid deeper into my ass, pushing firmly, but somehow tenderly simultaneously.

Finally, all of the ribs on that end of the dong were inside of my ass. Then that magical, generous, anal fullness came. I relaxed my body, and subsequently too, I came. My pussy pulsated, flexed, and expanded. Naturally, I pushed cum out of my pussy, and he pushed both ends of the dick deeper in me, front and back.

I’m a multiple orgasm-er. So, you know what happened. I came and came. I whimpered, I screamed, I grunted and yelled from deep in the pit of my soul. The neighbors should have came knocking. His assertion: “they were too busy jacking off from your porno sounds”.

This is his favorite toy to use on me. He calls it “the big gray thing”. Toy rotation hasn’t come back around to it in all these years, but it will. There’s too many things to use before we get back to it, including our own mouths, hands, and dick to keep it creamy.

  1. I would strongly advise this toy if you are hypersensitive to toy materials.
  2. It does not have a harsh, plastic-y smell.
  3. It’s easy to clean and store.
  4. It is heavy and substantial.
  5. You could slap someone upside the head with it and get their attention if you had nothing else.
  6. It’s not flimsy and will fill up a pussy well enough to know there is something in there.
  7. It isn’t too big to be unusable.

I am not sure who makes this dong. I bought it several years ago online. Possibly, it is by California Exotics or PipeDream as those are my two favorite sex toy brands. I think I paid around $15 or $18 dollars for it back then.

Here it is stretched out:

My laptop is about 17 inches wide.

Sex toy giveaway for a sex sling. The giveaway runs through my mailing list. All you need to do to win is input your valid email address here: http://bit.ly/1aA0CBo and wait for the drawing May 12, the same day THIS book comes out:



Never know, I may giveaway another toy as a surprise in the drawing.

*All toys I giveaway are brand new. Some I ship directly from the store.

See ya freaks. And if you want to know about why I bought “the big gray thing” in the first place, leave me a comment or a “like”.