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Snot And Sex. Stop, Or Keep Going? Eew?

It’s hayfever season. You’re sneezing every 2 seconds. Sometimes there’s dripping. Sometimes there are green chunks. All in all, your nose is a nasty tunnel of mucus, but your pussy is hot and the only thing to make you feel better is to cum. You go to your man. He says, “I’ll give you some”.  You lie on your back on the bed. He climbs on top. The stroke is making your orgasm climb, then all of a sudden…






You sneeze and a giant green booger shoots out of your mouth (yes, mouth!) into his open mouth, with accompanying yellow and white germ missiles. Should he stop, or he hasn’t finished his job yet? You have yet to cum?

It’s moments like these when you realize what kind of freaky deak you are sleeping with. Mr. Drama screamed, “Hell Yes! Keep going. Remember that time you blew brown chunks out the other end and you couldn’t go on after you cleaned up? I wanted to.”



Just no. Boogeys in my mouth, and shit anywhere on my body, I’m stopping. Shit just got out hand.

As for the nasty bastard I have sex with, if the dick wasn’t so good and the stroke so deadly…

Funny, I have no problem doing this though.






Hold on. I gotta go cum.

Sweet Submissive Pussy: Giving It Up For A Better Relationship

Facebook is where we all go isn’t it, to have the most stimulating conversations? I don’t, but I always end up finding something interestingly repetitive there in a group or on some super talkative friend’s page. In such places, I read the same points made against submission, and now and then I’m surprised by the opinions of it. A religious mention of God’s intention for a wife to submit to her husband comes up every time. You ought to know we ain’t doing that here, but there is a question relevant for this brand of blog. Does that biblical rule refer to sex too, or are people taking it there on their own? Although some women claim to be heavily religious, they buck that submissive conversation every time. A new admission I read was from a woman who said she didn’t truly understand what submission was in the first place.


Submission only is allowing another person the lead because you believe in their ability to do such a job with your best interest as they would their own. Submission isn’t about weakness or crawling on your knees. Why would do people submit though? I submit in my relationship, sexually, and not, because I have to be dominate in EVERY other aspect of my life. I need a time and to be with a person who allows me to have the other side. I don’t even think I’m good at dominating because I don’t care to do it. So maybe it is I have to lead, but I am not a dom. In my relationships, I have to be submissive for it to last. The facts show if I am appointed to dominate, I become abusive. I think that is out of anger. I recognize love isn’t damaging. So a man who can’t lead me, has to leave me.


I know that everyone won’t submit. I will, but I am not doing so to someone who is hurtful, who wants to crush my spirit, or who is a submissive themselves. I think that is a benchmark for deciding to submit to a partner. Leaders, doms, charges, need a tender heart to not hurt the ones they love. Would the submissives out there agree with me when I say submission and domination definitely aren’t about abuse? It isn’t, but threshold of pain and intensity desired is different for everyone. You tell me how it looks right here.

submissive3 submissive4 submissive5

Get love how you can. If you want it submissively, have it. It’s perfectly fine. Remember, it’s in the Bible, or so I heard.

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Lying Ass Virgins. We Hate You And Everything You Stand For!

Fuckin‘ lies! We hate your lies. You and your fuckin‘ lies. Too much? I sorry, but wooo, please girl. Stop lying. You’re not really a virgin. Oh who am I to judge your vagina? I’ll tell you who I am, Missy.

Disclaimer: This post is part humor followed by advice.

I’m the woman who’s tired of having to listen to the sad tales of men who have believed your fables of virtue and purity to keep them out of your vag. Are you really a virgin or are you just someone trying to portray an image?


Saying you are a virgin will hold him off for a time. It can get you a ring I’ve heard. There are levels to this shit, huh? But your virginity could be doing you a disservice in your quest for marriage, and finally the opportunity to even have one. After you’ve gone down the aisle and said the vows, it’s time to put out.

What to do? What is he going to say when your inexperience is showing and his ravaging desires are out of control all over you? Girlllll, you’d better be prepared.

I have some advice for the partner who does marry a virgin:

Train ‘em.

That’s the bad word in this post, train. What woman other than a doormat will allow a man to train her? Not even a male virgin would willingly go for that is what you might be saying. Perspectively, that’s the line you need to draw and set out to make it plain for your sweet, little virgin.

“Train them in the way they should go and they will never stray from it”. Isn’t that what grandma used to say? These old lines from wise women aren’t just for child raising, they are also good for freak making. How will they know how to suck it if you don’t train them?

Ohhhhh, yesssssss







Don’t fear it, embrace it. Take control of your virginity and your virgin’s uncertainties. Your marriage is supposed to be forever. It will be like two if you have to suffer one day with a virgin who has not your guidance to do exactly what you like. Be gentle and kind. Be understanding and firm.

Give it your all and keep it wet.

Sit down on it and make it stay hard.

Go forth and train your virgin. If you won’t, hit the advice box at TheEroticistsAdvice@gmail.com to get answers from either me, La Drama Princess, or Mr. Drama. But appreciate me before you leave when you scroll to the next image and take these additional tips.


Eat her down low. Roll into his face. Lose control. Stay down on her and show her that she can take more.

Take it all off and be his sexy dancer.





Show him what you want him to do with your body. It’s just you and him. Make him happy and you will be too. Make it last forever when you become free, one orgasm at a time.

With each stroke it will only get easier. Go to him and do everything to him.

Bye now. Come back next week for a toy review.

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For Men, Swinging Is Only For Gay Sex

What you thought? I was one tracked with my mind on everything normal. I shake and I may pretend. I wouldn’t say I was a fake, but I keep much locked up inside of me. I share when I feel comfortable… Or a reason has come up. I don’t see a way around letting this one out, it’s not a big one, but I don’t see how I can avoid telling it. For me to lambast others, I have to expose myself.

I love gay male porn. There! I told it.


Can we move on?

Wait, are you going to use this against me later when I tell you I am writing a book with an ongoing ménage à trois involving a swinging couple and their neighbor? That’s what happened to me twice the other day. No! I won’t stand for the accusations of sneaky gay scene, slipping into a straight story.shakingfist

Don’t go there.

I am doing developmental/content editing of my third book, “Swinging Submission: Deceit and Betrayal With a Mutltiple Partner Twist” (part of the prologue originally written in 2009, which is available in my first, Submit to The Dark Side). With Swinging, I am very careful in what I convey in this book. The lead is plus size and I want her to never be viewed as a weakling, body image hater. I never want her relationship with her husband to be seen as one of mistreatment on his part. I usually like to tease my readers as the story goes on. In this book, I maintain my style, but I am not on any sneak tip.

You didn’t know I am a super sneak? Ha! You haven’t seen a sneak until you’ve experienced my sneakiness.

A, which is what we call my love on this blog, keeps his guard up for the sneak, especially when there’s potential for me to make something out to be gay.

What!? Gay sex is too hot not to think about it often, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know when to turn the gay sex off in my head. I can! I do. I promise. Whaaa!

I didn’t write anything gay in this upcoming book, but I did ask for opinions, just for the scaredy cats. I asked A. He said it was too close to the gay to not be gay. He said to poll the audience. I did. I asked some peeps in a private group and some peeps in some private messages.

I hate them. I really do.

All they saw in what I typed was the gay factor. THERE WAS NO GAY. OMG! I wonder if it really is me, that’s the issue, my gay sex adoration, or is it some latent homophobia going on with these people.

No. It couldn’t ever be the latter. A isn’t homophobic. I’m sure about that.

Maybe swinging makes people skeptical of the lines of sexuality between men sharing pussy at the same time?

None of that? It’s just because I have a(nother) bad reputation and I just look like I will throw a gay scene in there on ya‘. Pow!

Watch out for that dick!

Verbal Abuse: It Turns Me On! Ahh Yesss!

Once I dated this guy younger than me. I’ve only dated younger one other time really, but he hardly qualified as so. I can conceive of only one other person that was younger than me that I’ve dated and that was by some months, hence it didn’t actually matter. Older men make my pussy lips quiver. This guy truly younger than me was like a parasite. He would feed off any verbal abuse I would give him. Let me curse him out thoroughly; he was hot. Don’t let me curse him out in front of people, his bitch ass would damn near start undressing.

Okay! I liked it, but I got tired of him and his “problems”. It didn’t take long. There’s only so much thrill in abusing a lover for me. I didn’t really want to be in a relationship with him anyway. I was young too, and although I was assertive, even then, I wasn’t nearly as much as I am now. There’s  a long story of how I got with him. I’ll run it down one year. I don’t care to rehash, and it’s kind of sordid.

I am not a top. I am not a dominate. Well, I can be. I just don’t really like it for long. I’m fulfilled as a submissive. I don’t consider myself complex, but again, I am assertive, outspoken, and content with self. Other women, there are a large number that are not. I have my faults that I always work to improve, but there are some women who can’t get wet unless their man talks to them like I did that younger dude.

I think that women who are into this, or maybe allow it because some are just victims of their pasts, do women like me a disservice when they do not inform their male partners that not every woman is going to be into that bullshit.

I have been fucking for many years now. In the town I grew up in, I’m sure I am still thought of as loose. I was fucking around before it was acceptable to do so. Growing up, then in a small town with a reputation for being sexually active before adulthood came with a stigma and people tended to perceive me through foggy, fucked up lenses. I guess it was perfectly standard for males my age (usually my age, mature men didn’t do this dumb shit) from their vantage point to come up to me and talk shit to me and fully expect to get my love and affection for it.

Not the one, hoe!

Living in different towns, the same thing would happen. You could say I carried myself in a certain way. I don’t know, but I think all women experience this, but it’s all in how you handle it that will be deciding factor in what you have to put up with out of people. There’s always some buttfuck asshole willing to test his luck by saying some dumb shit to see if he can get some play from it.  A person has to test their odds, but really. That’s all that some dudes have, and bewilderingly it works.

So many assholes are walking around with beautiful women on their arms’ like they aren’t the losers that they are, because they said some fuck shit to a woman and she fell dumb ass over heels. It’s one thing to be a dom, it’s another just to be abusive because you’re fucked up and you have a fucked up mate. Doms do what they do with respect. What love or sexual chemistry is there in disrespect?

But let me not hate. These men are out here eating well off of this behavior. I just wish one of you would pay for a billboard to go up somewhere to let these shitbags know, it doesn’t work on me. My pussy dries right on up! Check my furrowed eyebrows if you don’t believe me. Right after that, the filth will be flying out of my mouth. And not the good kind that you want.

Until next time: all your rude, ass bastards, LEARN HOW TO TALK TO A FUCKIN’ LADY!